Firhill Stables

This little pony plays a big part in the work we do at the stables .
For someone so small the happiness he brings is incredible .
We first met Cracker when he arrived at Firhill in a large Ifor Williams double horse trailer, which when the ramp was lowered was maybe a little extreme for such a small bedraggled person.
Cracker belonged to a fantastic lady called Silvia with whom we are still in regular contact with.
Cracker although owned by Silvia ha been out on loan to another family as Silvia had wanted him to have other equine companions .
We had talked in length about Cracker with Silvia and felt certain he would enjoy the work we do at the stables .
He had been ridden and driven in the past but it was only once we became acquainted we realised how talented and individual this 32inch high pony actually really was .
Alongside his regular lead rein sessions we began getting cracker prepared for more challenging roles.
Accessing his behaviour with loud noises ,extreme behaviours tight and enclosed spaces .
Once we felt confident Cracker began his now more or less full time role .
Cracker is our Therapy pony .
We spend time visiting Nursing Homes , Day Centres ,Hospitals and this year also started attending Children's Parties .
Cracker has an amazing way of brightening even the darkest of days for many that would not be able to spend time in the company of a pony by any other way .
He has regular appointments in the surrounding areas and even gets invited to open days ,jubilee celebrations and Carol Concerts .
He has had articles in local newsletters has his own Facebook page ( Cracker Jack )and receives mail .
Cracker has a varied repertoire from Crackergrams for parties where we take a present and card for the birthday boy or girl to just nuzzling a hand of an individual who is unable to see him .
Our Volunteers all have favourite stories to tell of his visits and every place we go one person will always confirm despite his naughtiness at times how we could never find another to take his place
Visits are charged at £50.00 the visit lasts approximately one hour
We charge mileage costs at 50 p per mile and always recommend that if you are aware of other venues in your area that might benefit also that you can share travelling fee to lessen the cost on your establishment .
Cracker is fully Vaccinated, up to date with worming and the service provided is fully insured .
We aim to try to pre visit to carry out a risk assessment but this is not always possible .
A copy of the risk assessment can be requested and all of our Volunteers are DBS checked
If you would like more information please contact us for an informal chat .

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