Firhill Stables

We have a huge range of Knowledge here within the perimeters of Firhill , We have training in PEG, Midazolam rescue medication, PRT, Makaton, BSL , ASD disorder ,Domestic Violence ,ASSIST ,Suicide Awareness and Self Harm Counselling to include CBT ,PBT,on our Downloadable section are prompt cards that you can print off for your use with your student
We are unique in our Autism friendly environment our training is ongoing and we deal with this condition on a day to day basis .Our environment is able to be modified to suit all degrees of the spectrum .
And as lessons are on a one to one basis, We can take all the time in the world !!!!
Person Specific Care Plans and Long and Short Term Athletic Development using Smart Goals.
ASDAN Qualifications and Apprenticeships.
Our training is in line with the NHS Guidelines and follows the same criteria as inpatient ,rehabilitation and respite units .
Awareness of a disability is not enough to be able to see triggers and patterns .
These skills come with an experience of working within organisations such as Scope, Cornwall Foundation Trust, Brandon Trust and the RDA over a period of nearly 20 yrs.
Contact us and put us to the test
Our individual initial assessment takes into account aspects that shows that we are educated in this field .
Our package from that day proves that we are for runners in our service we combine experience in care and qualifications in the equine industry.
We have training packages for carers ,families and our own staff delivered by Tigger Prichard
and work closely with care providers if needs be to ensure our service is tailored to each individuals learning aims and goals.