Firhill Stables

Super proud of Evan today riding Murphy for the first time! Big!!!! He even trotted....video to follow! All thanks to Wendy Parkins his fab teacher!

Went out on the roads today and I road beautiful hattie! Great ride

Had a great lesson today
Took some photos of Tambo and Murphy
They are both so cute😍💕

Alison Haines
Wendy, Thank you for a lovely morning last Friday. I really enjoyed being with the horses and the gentle ride in the beautiful countryside. Thank you for looking after me so well and taking the time and trouble to show me around. It was a real pleasure. Hope to see you before too long. All the best, Alison x

I can recommend lessons with Wendy Parkins to anyone who is looking to improve their riding through becoming more confident, developing a better position and a better understanding. I took a block of intensive lessons with Wendy while I was visiting my parents shortly after I had started riding after a 15year break and recovering from serious illness which caused me to lose a degree of my sight. I was lacking confidence and had some postural issues which Wendy quickly identified and helped me to correct with targeted exercises. Her visualisation and breathing techniques really helped me to feel and understand what I was trying to achieve. I returned home with a new confidence and went on to begin competing again. Thanks Wendy, I'm pleased to see Firhill up and running! X

Charlene Robinson
My son Dylan is ten years years old and on the autistic spectrum. For a long time I had been thinking about involving him in a club or an activity that he would enjoy and would also be appropriate for him and his needs.
At a school fayre we attended, Dylan had the opportunity to ride a horse around the field. He really enjoyed the experience and didn't want to get off the horse when his turn ended! It was then I decided to look into horse riding and, after speaking to other parents of children with additional needs, I made the decision to find a stables that would suit Dylan's needs.
By chance I came across an article in the local newspaper about Firhill Stables. I made contact with Wendy and we discussed Dylan's needs and booked a session to see how it went.
Since October 2015, Dylan has had several sessions at the stables, getting to know the layout of the area, seeing the horses in their stables and a general feel of getting to know the place.
At his latest session, he got to ride Murphy and it was a delight to watch. With Wendy's guidance, he was beginning to learn how to make the horse go and stop. This is greatly benefiting Dylan to reinforce listening to instructions. It was an incredibly positive experience for Dylan, he seemed at ease on the horse and very happy and judging from the smile on his face, he enjoyed the experience too!
Finding a club or an activity to suit Dylan can be tricky. Having one to one sessions at the stables have proved, so far, to be successful. Of course, Dylan can have his moments and Wendy has been more than patient and accommodating for his needs.
Hopefully in time, the sessions he has at the stables, will become a lovely addition to his routine and help build his confidence in a positive way.
I'm very pleased with how the sessions have gone so far and it's lovely to see Dylan have an activity for himself.

Claire Sexton That's great, Charlene. From my limited experience, people on the autistic spectrum can often respond really well to horses, and can form successful partnerships with them. I think that horses are very responsive to consistent behaviour and the rule-based actions that make sense to them might make sense to Dylan too,. (Hope what I tried to say makes sense!) I had a few lessons with Wendy some years ago, and is inspirational.

So pleased with last sunday. It went brilliantly. A great idea with a great outcome. I shall forward pictures when I get chance as they are on another phone.

'My son started lessons age 4 and he was very reluctant to try new things and was quite anxious around animals. Wendy has such a relaxed manner that he has just gone along with anything she suggests and he has progressed from tiny Cracker to the rather large Murphy! I can tell from the way he chats away to her that he is relaxed in her company. His confidence has greatly improved and he is much calmer around animals. Thoroughly recommend!'

I hadn't ridden for 5 years as I had a scary moment on a horse which took all my confidence. Seeing Wendy’s advert for nervous riders I decided to take a chance and now after only a few months I am quite happy to get on a horse, and looking forward to the summer.

Alison Haines
Two lovely sunny days spent at Firhill Stables recently. Very many thanks to Wendy and Gemma for all their time and trouble with an out of practice, middle aged novice. I spent a wonderful time grooming their friendly horses before a hack in the beautiful countryside around Nanstallon. Thank you for making me so welcome and for all the cups of tea! I am really looking forward to improving my riding under Wendy's guidance. It just goes to show that age is no barrier to being with horses. Some pictures below of Murphy, the beautiful Hattie (who dozed off in the sun while I was grooming her ) and Stanley. Thank you. Love Ali x